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Letter From the Founder

patricialatulippe The fact that you are looking at the DivorceKnowHow website suggests that you have questions about a tough topic — divorce. I understand a little of what you are going through. Those of us who have gone through a divorce know that it can be a hard, confusing and frightening time. The purpose of DivorceKnowHow is to help you figure out the best solution for your situation and family; to help educate you on Utah law and the issues to consider when divorcing and to walk you through each step of the process.

I divorced in the early nineties. I had just finished law school and was struggling to keep up with expenses, a new job, and parenting three children as a single mom. It was a stressful time. My husband and I separated for several months. When we separated, we worked out a parenting schedule that was great for our children and worked well for both of us. We also worked out the financial issues. Our new family,( i.e., two separate households sharing parent time) was working quite well.

Not knowing how to begin the divorce process, we both hired attorneys. By the time the divorce was final, my ex-husband and I had gone through some unnecessary “battles”; and, like the game “Battleship”, our relationship had taken some hits. We ended up with basically the same agreement that we had worked out on our own before we hired attorneys. And, we each paid four thousand dollars in attorney fees. Our divorce started out simple, but became much more complicated. At the time, I thought that there should be a better way.
While practicing law over the past twenty plus years, I continue to struggle with the divorce process. I know that most people cannot afford to hire attorneys. I also know that many couples may not need attorneys to reach a good solution for their divorce. I guess the teacher in me started to come out (before I became an attorney I was a teacher), so I began to think about developing a program that would educate divorcing couples on the divorce process and provide both legal and life resources to help couples get divorced with the least amount of collateral and emotional damage to the family. With that goal in mind, DivorceKnowHow was started.

DivorceKnowHow has two main goals. One goal is to educate, — to provide a general understanding of Utah divorce laws and the divorce process so that you have the information you need to reach a fair agreement. The second goal is to provide the resources, i.e. all the documents and instructions you need, to allow you to finalize your divorce in the most inexpensive way possible after you have reached an agreement.

Our website allows you to educate yourself at your own pace and maintains your privacy. I hope that you will find our website and other resources helpful to you as you navigate the divorce process.

Whether you reach an agreement on your own, need a mediator to help you work through some areas of conflict or have difficult, complicating issues that require the assistance of an attorney, DivorceKnowHow will provide you with the resources you need.

And, whether you choose to use our resources or not, we wish you the very best as you work to build a new life for yourself and/or your family.

Patricia L. LaTulippe
Founder, DivorceKnowHow.com


Patricia L. LaTulippe
Co Owner of Hincks & LaTulippe, L.L.C.;
President of Divorce Education and Mediation, LC d/b/a Divorce Know How,

Patricia is an attorney with over twenty plus years of experience.  In 1990 she obtained her law degree from the J. Rueben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, Provo Utah.   In 1986, she received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2012, Patricia completed further education and training in basic and divorce mediation  through Utah Dispute Resolution.

In 1989, Patricia began her law career at the law firm of Nielsen & Senior where she worked as an associate until 1994.  In 1994, Patricia left Nielsen & Senior to work at a law firm specializing in personal injury.  She decided to open her own firm, which she maintained for three years before rejoining Nielsen in 2003.  While at Nielsen & Senior. Patricia was a partner, served on the board of directors of the firm, and as the corporate secretary.  In 2010, Patricia and another law partner, Richard K. Hincks, started their own firm, Hincks & LaTulippe, LLC. In early 2009, Patricia founded the company of Divorce Education and Mediation (Divorce Know How).

Patricia continues to maintain a law practice in family law, personal injury and litigation. Patricia now focuses her family law practice on educating and helping those facing divorce to find the resources they need. Patricia is presently a member of the Utah Bar Association, Utah Trial Lawyers Association, American Bar Association and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.  She is also a member of the National Association for Professional Women.

Patricia grew up in Ogden, Utah.  She moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in the mid- seventies.  She lived in Belgium for a year before returning to Salt Lake City.  Patricia has three adult children, five grandchildren and a Labrador retriever.  Prior to practicing law, Patricia taught elementary school in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Information is power.  Not power to destroy or hurt; but power to make the best of a difficult situation.  Divorces vary in the degree of conflict experienced by the divorcing spouses.  This website is designed to help you make informed decisions during the divorce process while helping you get through it all as quickly as possible, for as little expense as possible, with a minimal amount of emotional strife.